Community forced into action to prevent wombat deaths ahead of South Coast logging operations

Community volunteers have been forced to mark wombat burrows to prevent the animals from being buried alive ahead of forestry logging operations in Mogo State Forest, near Batemans Bay on the NSW South Coast.

Greens Forests spokesperson, Dawn Walker has called for an urgent suspension of logging operations in Mogo State Forest due to concerns about impacts on local wildlife and the destruction of a unique rainforest ecosystem.

“It’s alarming that local community members are having do the job of Forestry Corporation and protect local wombats from being fatally buried alive. The last thing anyone wants to see is a repeat of what happened in Glenbog State Forest where Forestry Corporation constructed logging roads directly over wombat burrows and collapsed the entrances of other burrows with heavy machinery and logs, resulting in a slow death sentence for wombats through suffocation and starvation.

“At the very least, wombat burrows must be properly identified and buffers put in place in the Harvest Plan for Mogo State Forest to prevent wombat deaths.

“Despite repeated calls for assistance by community members, local Liberal Member Andrew Constance has shown zero interest in the escalating situation at Mogo State Forest, which is also a loved recreation area for mountain bike riding and bushwalking. It’s not good enough.

“It is time to recognise that the greatest values of our public native forests come from preserving them, not logging them. Our native wildlife should not be killed for a few tonnes of loss-making timber.

“Now is the time to end logging in our public native forests and shift the forestry industry into a sustainably-managed, plantation sector to avoid this devastating impacts on native wildlife” said Greens MP Dawn Walker.

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