Greens call for halt to water mining in Tweed Valley

NSW Greens MP and North Coast spokesperson, Dawn Walker has spoken out over large-scale water mining in the Tweed Valley in State Parliament this week due concerns over impacts on underground water resources, alleged poor compliance with extraction licenses and the damage caused by heavy vehicles.

“Water is our most precious resource and gigalitres of water beneath Tweed Valley is being sucked up and bottled for commercial profit, leaving the community high and dry with the impacts. Water mining licences are being handed out by the Government without adequate monitoring and in many cases, water meters haven’t even been installed.

“It’s alarming that community monitoring shows that water extraction licence limits appear not to have been complied with, allowing private bottled water companies to potentially make hundreds of thousands of dollars above what they are licensed for, while farmers and local residents are left with the impacts.

“It shouldn’t be up to local residents to monitor the activities of the bottled water industry or bear the impacts of large heavy vehicles tearing up local roads.

“The State Government should immediately halt all water mining in the Tweed Valley until the impacts and compliance of local water mining operations is assessed to protect the water rights of the whole community” said Dawn Walker MP.

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