Greens call for urgent suspension of planned logging operations in Mogo State Forest

Greens Forests spokesperson, Dawn Walker has called for an urgent suspension of logging operations in Mogo State Forest, near Batemans Bay due to concerns about impacts on a unique rainforest ecosystem, cultural heritage and threatened species habitat.

“Compartments 147 and 148 of Mogo State Forest at Dunns Creek contain Warm Temperate Rainforest and a high diversity of plant species that should be protected, yet Forestry Corporation plan to commence heavy logging in this area, which will leave only 5 trees per hectare.

“Locals have contacted me expressing concern that the site is full of wombat burrows that are unmarked, which means they are easily crushed and wombats could be fatally buried alive as happened down near Bega. The site also contains possible Aboriginal cultural heritage, with canoe trees and is also habitat for the threatened spotted-tailed quoll. None of these are documented in Forestry’s Corporation’s Harvest Plan.

“The area is also a popular mountain bike and bushwalking area for tourists and locals alike. 

“Clearly this area is a special place to locals and wildlife and should be protected from logging, especially given the wholesale destruction that occurred nearby along Ridge Road in the same State Forest from recent logging operations. Bega Liberals MP, Andrew Constance should make time to meet with locals to see this site first hand before allowing it to be logged.  

“It is time to recognise that the greatest values of our public native forests come from preserving them, not logging them. Our National Parks are the second most popular tourist attractions after the NSW’s beaches with immense recreational, cultural and tourism potential.

“Now is the time to end logging in our public native forests and completely move the forestry industry into a sustainably-managed, plantation sector” said Greens MP Dawn Walker.

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