Greens call on Labor Richmond MP, Justine Elliot to publicly reject Adani coal mine

Greens MP, Dawn Walker has called on Labor MP for Richmond, Justine Elliot to publicly reject the Adani-Carmichael mega coal mine and pressure the federal Labor leader, Bill Shorten to rule-out any support for the project.

“Labor’s Adani coal mine in central Queensland will be a nightmare for our climate, cause the loss of thousands of tourism jobs and destroy the Great Barrier Reef” said Dawn Walker.

“The North Coast is totally opposed to more coal mines being built in Australia and Justine Elliot needs to be speaking out in federal Parliament against the Adani coal mine, addressing public meetings and calling on her Federal and State Labor colleagues to stop supporting this catastrophic coal project.

“Our community wants political representatives who will back renewable energy to the hilt and fight against new coal mines, not ones who sit on the sidelines of the political debate. If Justine Elliot can’t do that from within the Labor Party, she should join the Greens.

“Whether you look at it financially or environmentally, Labor’s Adani-Carmichael coal mine doesn’t stack up and the thought that it could receive a billion dollars of taxpayers’ money to facilitate its construction is outrageous.

“The issue of coal, with Adani front and centre of the national debate, is the defining issue of our time. Labor can’t support giant new coal mines and expect to have any credibility when it comes to climate change” said Dawn Walker.

Greens MP Dawn Walker spoke out about the Adani coal mine in the NSW Parliament today and has started a petition calling on Richmond MP Justine Elliot and Labor Leader Bill Shorten to outright reject the Adani-Carmichael coal mine.


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