Greens condemn Government plans to sell-off Campbelltown TAFE land in NSW Parliament

NSW Greens MP, Dawn Walker has called on the NSW Parliament to reject any Government plans to sell-off land at Campbelltown TAFE campus following the release of a Department of Planning map that recommends a large portion of the TAFE campus be sold to make way for factories and offices.

“TAFE is an essential part of educating and training people to prepare them with the skills they need for employment.

“The Campbelltown area is experiencing rapid population growth with lots of young families coming into the area. The idea that in order to accommodate this growth, we should be selling of TAFE land is madness and short-sighted in the extreme.

“While the idea of creating more localised employment opportunities in Western Sydney through business parks should be supported, it shouldn’t come at the expense of TAFE, which is the platform to get people into skilled jobs.

“TAFE is essential to Western Sydney and after years of neglect, it’s extraordinary that NSW Liberal-Nationals continue to flog off our public TAFE assets, which should be invested in to build a skilled workforce for the future” said Dawn Walker, Greens MP.

Greens Councillor on Campbelltown Council, Ben Moroney said:

"Selling TAFE to provide land for more jobs is robbing Peter to pay Paul.

"Campbelltown is already facing a shortage of skilled carpenters, bricklayers and electricians, thanks to the attacks on TAFE. If we lose our TAFE, we're not going to be able to train people to provide infrastructure for the coming growth.

"Minister Barilaro needs to put his money where his mouth is and stand up for Campbelltown TAFE, taking it off the table for sale or commercial development."

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