Greens MP fined at logging protest protecting koalas

NSW Greens MP, Dawn Walker has been fined for protesting a logging operation that has been caught-out destroying koala habitat in Gibberagee State Forest, south of Lismore this morning.

The peaceful protest by over 50 community members stopped work at the logging site for several hours following a comprehensive audit by the North East Forest Alliance (NEFA) that documented multiple breaches of logging rules, resulting in core koala habitat and old hollow-bearing trees being destroyed on the site.

“We are facing a biodiversity crisis, but rather than listen to overwhelming public opinion that wants to see our precious forests protected and our timber needs come from plantations, the NSW Government has continued down the path of forest destruction and extinction” said Dawn Walker MP.

“In this public forest, the loggers have been caught-out breaching their own rules by failing to identify and protect koala habitat. What's shocking is that this forest is almost denuded of old, hollow-bearing trees that so many species rely on to reproduce, including owls, gliders and parrots.

“It’s tragic to see our forests continually logged for a short-term profit. It’s a disaster for native forests, wildlife and the climate and I’m determined to stand with brave community members in opposition to this Government’s destructive logging practices that are pushing koalas to extinction across NSW.

“With a state election a matter of weeks away, it’s time the people of NSW put protecting forests high on their agenda and don’t vote for any party that won’t commit to ending native forest logging or unwinding the disastrous Regional Forest Agreements that are pushing our precious wildlife to extinction’ said Dawn Walker, NSW Greens MP.

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