Greens MP joins locals blockading to protect koalas in Gladstone State Forest

NSW Greens Forests spokesperson, Dawn Walker joined community members and representatives from the Kalang River Forest Alliance, Bellingen Environment Centre and the North East Forest Alliance today to blockade a forestry access road to protect a high-quality koala habitat in Gladstone State Forest threatened by imminent logging operations.

“The community have come together to symbolically declare this forest closed to logging operations and for it to be left in-tact for the local koala population” said Dawn Walker MP.

“It’s abundantly clear that this area forest is high-use koala habitat with many records of koala activity. Whatsmore, past logging activity has caused serious erosion and landslips on the steep slopes. It should not be logged.

“Forestry Corporation and the NSW Government need to start listening to the local community and look at ways to end native forest logging and move to create a Great Koala National Park that will have significantly more environmental and economic benefits than continually ripping into our native forests.   

“It’s unfortunate that the community has to take this sort of action to try and protect our koalas, because our Government is failing to do so” said Dawn Walker MP.  

Bellingen Mayor Dominic King said:

“We believe that the Great Koala National Park proposal has strong viability and will provide fantastic opportunities for residents and visitors alike. It’s time we stopped the mis-management of our natural resources and looked at their long-term potential” said Mayor King.

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