Greens MP presents Save Cudgen Farmland Petition to State Parliament

NSW Greens MP and Health spokesperson, Dawn Walker MP presented a petition into the Upper House of the NSW Parliament this week calling for the prime farmland on Cudgen Plateau to be protected and the new Tweed Hospital to be build on an alternate site.

“The message to the Government is clear. Our community wants the fertile red soils of the Cudgen Plateau retained for food production and the State Government to find a different site for the new Tweed Hospital that’s not on state-significant farmland.

“I’m proud to stand with local farmers and community members and be their voice in Parliament. Farmland is the new gold in an era of food insecurity and the fight to protect our local farmland is far from over.

“The Liberal-National Government is failing to listen to regional communities like Tweed. They are pushing ahead, wasting millions of taxpayers money purchasing private land that the community wants to retain for agriculture. 

“I congratulate the whole community for putting up a strong fight to protect this farmland, especially Hayley and James Paddon who travelled to Sydney in support of this petition being presented to State Parliament.

“If this project proceeds, the National Party will forever be remembered as the party that sold-out local farmers and concreted over our prime food producing farmland” said Dawn Walker MP.

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