Greens MP raises concerns over Bega TAFE

On Tuesday, March 27 Greens MP, Dawn Walker visited Bega TAFE campus to protest funding cuts that she said is putting two teaching roles at risk of being cut.

“The slashing and burning of TAFE needs to stop, especially regional TAFE colleges, because they hold an important role in their communities as an education hub.”

“TAFE is the lifeblood of communities and the loss of up to 20 head teacher positions across South Coast TAFE campuses, including two head teacher roles from the business and community service courses at Bega TAFE is appalling.

“The NSW Liberal-Nationals are destroying our public TAFE system through budget cuts and a ruthless privatisation agenda.

“The Greens will be doing everything we can to ensure that the vital head teaching roles will be retained at South Coast TAFE campuses so that young people and job seekers can continue to access a quality vocational education through TAFE.

Ms Walker also voiced concerns about the Connected Learning Centre proposed for Bega

“TAFE is a world leader in hands-on, practical training, people don’t sign up to TAFE to be plugged into a computer,” she said.

Ms Walker also said the government needed to put 100 per cent of vocational education and training funding toward public institutions like TAFE. 

“That funding should not be used to prop up private education institutions,” she said. 

“The government looks at TAFE in terms of their real estate value, but these are public assets, they are not there to be sold off.” 

Ms Walker has introduced the Defend TAFE bill to State parliament to protect NSW’s public TAFE system from further campus closures and privatisation.

Earlier this month, Member for Bega Andrew Constance confirmed a Connect Learning Centre was planned for Bega.

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