Greens MP speaks out on West Byron development in State Parliament

North Coast Greens MP Dawn Walker has called on the NSW Government to ensure any development at the West Byron site is of an appropriate scale, won’t adversely affect the operation of Ewingsdale Road, or negatively impact local wetlands or Cape Byron Marine Park.

“The West Byron mega-development has been forced onto Byron Bay by successive Labor and Liberal-National Governments who have over-ridden Council planning powers and clearly don’t care about the how this inappropriate development damages the ecology and character of Byron Bay” said Dawn Walker.

“I joined over 200 locals who gathered as part of the recent ‘Byron Deserves Better Community Rally’ to express our frustration at the prospect of a massive, high-density suburb on the outskirts of Byron Bay. The NSW Government needs to listen to our community.

“I stand with Byron Shire Council and the community who are especially worried about how this large development will impact traffic flow on Ewingsdale Road and have called on the Government to take action to minimise this.

Dawn Walker’s concerns were echoed by fellow Greens MP and Member for Ballina, Tamara Smith.

“I was told by the Planning Minister that the new Coastal SEPP would be gazetted a few weeks ago, but that has not happened. It also appears that the developers’ own map of West Byron is what the Department of Planning is going with!”

“The idea that you would let the developer tell you what environmental constraints are on their land is insane, but we should not be surprised since the Minister has interfered in this process from the get-go,” said Tamara Smith.

“The Greens at every level have opposed the West Byron mega-development from the outset and will continue to do what we can at a local and state level to minimise its impacts on Byron Bay” said Dawn Walker MP.

“It’s time the NSW Parliamentary Secretary for the North Coast, Ben Franklin stopped running around cutting ribbons and joined the Greens in trying to do something practical to minimise the impacts of the West Byron development on our community” said Dawn Walker MP.

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