Greens MP to hold Redfern Cultural Walk to foster greater cultural understanding

NSW Greens MP and Aboriginal Affairs spokesperson, Dawn Walker is hosting a Cultural Walk through Redfern with the Metropolitan Aboriginal Land Council to improve Greens members’ understanding of the situation facing many urban First Nations people.

The Cultural Walking will be led by Uncle Jimmy Smith, Cultural Officer with Metropolitan Aboriginal Land Council from 11AM - 12:30PM on Sunday 8 April and will visit culturally-significant sites around Redfern to give participants the opportunity to learn more about their history from a local indigenous perspective.

Sites that will be visited include: The Block, Redfern Park, community murals and local Indigenous businesses.

Quotes attributable to Dawn Walker MP

“The Redfern community is located in the heart of Sydney and has endured some the worst impacts of Government policy towards Aboriginal people, including forced relocations and police violence, marked by significant events such as the Redfern Riots.

“I organised this Cultural Walk because I hope that learning about this history and the seeing how much this strong and resilient community has endured will give Greens members a greater understanding of the situation facing many urban First Nations people.

“Members of Parliament have the responsibility of ensuring that everyone in the community has a voice and the most important part of this is listening and learning. As the NSW Greens spokesperson for Aboriginal Affairs, I want to ensure I am amplifying the stories and voices of Indigenous Australians, not speaking for them. That is why learning about the culture and history of different groups is essential” said Dawn Walker MP.

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