Greens say Maitland Hospital should be fully public

Greens Health spokesperson, Dawn Walker MP has criticised the decision of the NSW Liberal-National Government not to bring Maitland Hospital back in the public health system, instead announcing that a not-for-profit organisation would be sought to build and run the new Maitland Hospital.

"The NSW Liberal-National Government are still treating the residents of Maitland as second-class citizens. When the Government finally dumped their short-sighted plans for a public-private partnership, they should have committed to fully bringing the new Lower Hunter Hospital back into public hands.

If a fully-funded public hospital is good enough for Goulburn, Wyong and Bowral, it should be good enough for Maitland as well.

"The Health Minister talks about wanting to make some 'medical magic' in Maitland, well let's stick to what we know works, which is hospitals and their associated services being run publicly.

 "The Greens don't want to see the fragmentation of our health system and we want existing not-for-profit operators to be brought back into public hands so that they have the proper over-sight, transparency and accountability under the NSW public health system" said Dawn Walker MP.

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