Greens slam Lismore Labor’s cuts to local libraries

Greens North Coast spokesperson, Dawn Walker has slammed Lismore Council’s decision to cut nearly $80,000 per annum in funding to library services, which will result in a significant reduction in local services for the community.

“Lismore Council, led by Labor Mayor, Issac Smith has made the short-sighted decision to cut 5% from their library budget that will result in reduced opening hours for Lismore City library, the closure of Goonellabah library on Wednesdays and the sacking of student book shelvers” said Greens MP Dawn Walker.

"It’s disgraceful that Lismore Council has seen libraries as a soft target in their cost-cutting endeavours, rather valuing libraries as asset for the whole community, especially families with children, students and retirees.

“Public libraries are a source of lifelong education and community-development. Lismore Council needs to go back to the drawing board and reverse these irrational cuts that will impact the local community’s access to their public libraries” said Dawn Walker. 

A community gathering to oppose the cuts to local library services is planned for 11am on 26th May outside Goonellabah Library.

Proposed cuts to library services passed at the 8th May Lismore Council Meeting include:

  • Staff leave replacement: 25% cut = $15,000

  • Periodicals reduced: 25% cut = $2,500

  • Remove blue phone: = $1,100

  • Thursday evening closure at Lismore Library at 5pm: = $14,300

  • Saturday closure at Lismore Library 12 noon: $11,200

  • Close Goonellabah Library on Wednesdays: $15,000

  • Resources budget decreased: $11,500

  • Junior shelver hours removed from staff structure: $9,300  

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