Greens slam plans to strip Griffith Base Hospital of pathology services

Greens Health spokesperson, Dawn Walker has slammed Government plans to strip Griffith Base Hospital of pathology services and send patient samples to Wagga Wagga for testing and diagnosis.

“Striping Griffith Base Hospital of pathology services is a blatant attempt to cut costs by the Liberal- National Government and will impact local patients and the treatment provided to them by doctors, said Dawn Walker MP. 

“Not having pathology services at Griffith Base Hospital is a real blow to the local health system, particularly for surgical services that depends on urgent processing of patient samples. These cuts will result in the loss of skilled health professionals in the area and a delay for clinicians to receive potentially critical information about patients.

“The Liberal-National Party's ongoing cuts to our hospitals are undermining our public health system at a time when we need historic investment in our hospitals. Their policy puts profit before patients. The Greens believe we should be investing regional health facilities, not cutting and centralising them in larger centres. 

“This is a State Government that is continually trying to downgrade our public health system and they have already been forced to back away from much of their hospital privatisation agenda due to community pressure.

“I congratulate the Griffith community on their strong stand against these short-sighted cuts to their Hospital’s pathology services and encourage them to ensure their local Member, Adrian Piccoli and Health Minister, Brad Hazzard stop taking the Griffith community for granted and end the attacks on Griffith Base Hospital” said Dawn Walker MP.

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