Logging in Mogo State Forest threatens another endangered species

Community members have found endangered species in areas of Mogo State Forest targeted for logging, with endangered population of Greater Gliders found near Dunns Creek close to Batemans Bay.

Greens Forests Spokesperson, Dawn Walker has called again for an urgent suspension of logging operations in Mogo State Forest, near Batemans Day due to impacts on endangered species and their habitats.

“Locals have now found more endangered species in this area of forest. It is alarming that Forestry Corporation has not already surveyed for this species, as the Greater Glider population in the Eurobodalla area has been classed as endangered by the Office of Environment and Heritage since 2007 and the species is highly sensitive to disturbance caused by logging. Continued logging could see it disappear from the region altogether.

Mogo State Forest also contains records of nationally listed endangered species including Glossy Black Cockatoos, Swift Parrots, and Spotted Tail Quolls and State listed Species including Masked, Powerful and Sooty Owls and the Brush Tailed Phascogale.

“It is shocking that locals are having to do the job Forestry Corporation is paid to do. The community should not have to conduct species surveys themselves. The fact that a survey for threatened species was only conducted after locals raised the issue shows the assessment process is broken and in need of reform.

“The community is being failed by local Liberal MP Andrew Constance, who has shown no interest in addressing the escalating situation in Mogo State Forest, despite the continued concerns of locals.

“It is time to recognise that the greatest values of our public native forests come from preserving them, not logging them. Our native wildlife should not be killed for a few tonnes of loss-making timber.

“Now is the time to end logging in our public native forests and shift the forestry industry into a sustainably-managed, plantation sector to avoid this devastating impacts on native wildlife” said Greens MP Dawn Walker.

Reference: http://www.environment.nsw.gov.au/threatenedspeciesapp/profile.aspx?id=20056

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