Minister admits under questioning that Dapto TAFE facilities are "unacceptable"

Greens MP and TAFE spokesperson has slammed the State Government's admission that Dapto TAFE is ‘not at an acceptable standard’ in response to questioning from the Greens during State Parliament’s Budget Estimates hearing on Monday. 

“The Government’s embarrassing admission that the Dapto TAFE shopfront is not at an acceptable standard due to a lack of basic amenities, such as toilets is an appalling reflection of the Liberal-National Government’s poorly thought-out and chaotic TAFE agenda.

“The NSW Assistant Skills Minister, Adam Marshall further admitted that he hasn’t even visited the Dapto TAFE shopfront, despite it being the first of a model that the NSW Liberal-Nationals plan to roll out across NSW. It appears that the Government has no idea about the disgraceful situation that has left local students without access to basic amenities, no library and no practical trade courses at Dapto.

“It’s also plain bizarre that the Government is suddenly saying that the Dapto TAFE shopfront is not a ‘Connected Learning Centre’, despite it being branded as such for all to see on the front of the building.

“When I visited Dapto TAFE in June, I was stunned to see a small shopfront with no students. It’s madness that this sub-standard, shopfront facility that holds approximately 22 students is what the NSW Government has decided to replace a vibrant TAFE campus with 650 students and over 100 staff with.

“The NSW Government and Minister Adam Marshall need to take urgent action to ensure adequate facilities, including toilets are immediately installed at the Dapto TAFE shopfront for students, but ultimately they should reverse their ill-thought out agenda to close TAFE campuses and stop experimenting with the Dapto community” said Dawn Walker MP.

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