State Library Cuts - Dawn Walker MP

Stop State Library Cuts

The NSW Government has cut $5.2 million from our already underfunded local libraries potentially forcing them to reduce library staff, cut branch opening hours, as well as reduce collections and community programs.
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Butterfly Cave - Dawn Walker MP

Save the Butterfly Cave

The Butterfly Cave is a sacred place for Aboriginal women in the Lake Macquarie area, but it’s at risk of collapse from the construction of a nearby housing development.
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Change the Date - Dawn Walker MP

Change the Date

As Australians, we all want a day on which we can come together as a national community, to reflect on where we’re at and to celebrate what we are: a wonderfully diverse, open and free society. But January 26 is not that day.
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Great Koala National Park - Dawn Walker MP

Great Koala National Park Petition

Help protect NSW's koalas from native forest logging and urban expansion.
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Defend TAFE! - Dawn Walker MP

Defend TAFE!

A well-resourced public TAFE system is vital to ensuring all students can access quality training, regardless of their socio-economic or cultural background.
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Stop NSW's Secret Logging Plans! - Dawn Walker MP

Stop NSW's Secret Logging Plans!

The NSW Government has secret plans to intensify logging operations and weaken protections for native species in our State Forests!  Sign our petition against letting chainsaws rip into some of the best forests left in NSW! 
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Justine Elliot should oppose Adani! - Dawn Walker MP

Justine Elliot should oppose Adani!

If it goes ahead, Labor’s Adani megamine in central Queensland will be the biggest coal mine in Australia, wrecking our climate and the Great Barrier Reef.
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Save Murwillumbah TAFE! - Dawn Walker MP

Save Murwillumbah TAFE!

It's time the NSW Liberal-National Government came clean on the future of Murwillumbah TAFE.
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