Stop NSW's Secret Logging Plans!

The NSW Government has secret plans to intensify logging operations and weaken protections for native species in our State Forests! 

Sign our petition against letting chainsaws rip into some of the best forests left in NSW! 

The NSW Government's secret forestry plan will:

1. Intensify logging on the NSW North Coast by introducing clear-felling methods to 140,000 hectares of forest between Grafton and Taree.

2. Remove existing requirements to undertake pre-logging surveys for most threatened species and remove logging exclusion-zones to increase the area available to logging.

3. Reduce buffer zones around streams from 10m to 5m, meaning that logging will be able to occur right up to the edge of many river banks.

If implemented, these changes to forestry operations will result in the deaths of many of NSW’s most threatened animal species, including parrots, frogs, possums, wombats, quolls and koalas.

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